Werner Drug Store
"Good People, Good Medicine, Good Advice"

1134 Washington st.
Tell City, IN 47586

Business Hours
Monday-Friday: 8 am-6 pm
Saturday: 9 am-5 pm
Sunday: Closed

Delivery Hours
3:30 pm-5:00 pm Mon-Sat


**Come in and try our
creamy homemade fudge!**


Here you can find testimonials from our very own customers....

I have one prescription at Wal-Mart pharmacy. Called it in yesterday and it was supposed to be done at 1 pm today. Bub goes to get it ten minutes ago it's still not done....it's well after 1 pm! You'll never convince me they are anymore busy that Werner's Drug Store where I get the rest of my scripts and don't have to wait all day to get them either! Wal-Mart just lost that one script from me. ?#?shoplocal?-Stacy James

"I lost my insurance and the medicines that I needed to get were $989.900 at CVS, $952.00 at Wal-Mart, and $628.00 at Werner's!  That is a big difference!  Thumbs up to Werner's!  Check them out!"--Lisa Wellman

"A friend on the Corner for a lot of years and the Staff makes shopping at Werner's drug a pleasure. Try out the difference for yourself, just walk in and have a Prescription filled there or just check out the Fudge Shoppe, etc First Class service at affordable prices. Nice folks to do business with anytime, you need rely on Quality sick or well. Good job Werner's, love having you in our community. Thanks for what you do for ALL OF US! PRECIATE!"--Linda McFall

"We recently switched from Walmart pharmacy to Werner's because we were paying about $45 dollars more for a prescription for my boyfriend! We switched for the saved money... but we stay for the AWESOME customer service. You guys make us feel welcome every time we come in. You just can't beat quality, family owned, local business! Thank you!!"--Gloria Payne

I came to your pharmacy several years ago after moving back to the area after having difficulties with one of your competitors . My daughter is on multiple medications and cost and restrictions of what medications are compatible was a concern. Now I am always assured that I am getting the best deal and you guys are always alert to what medications may interact with her regular medications. You have gained my trust and respect with your service! Thanks!--Denise Brown

Personally I know the family that owns Werner Drug Store and have known them for many years, in those years they have done nothing but service the community and from what I've seen provide a much bigger service than CVS or Walmart ever thought of. For instance, in my teens I had seizures, I had to take medication daily sometimes mult times a day, one day I ran out in the midst of a bad time when my mom was with my dad at the hospital. Werners being the kind, thoughtful, loyal drug store they are provided me with my medication until my mom was able to provide payment so I would be less likely to have a seizure. I believe Werner's is nothing more than a loving group of employees and family!-Missy Simpson

I LOVE these people and this store. Brad, Lynn, Brielle and staff care deeply about their customers, ALL of them! They are always friendly and courteous to me and I have witnessed them waiting on others and it is always the same - professional, friendly, and helpful! Thanks Werners, and congrats!-Debra Emerson