Werner Drug Store
"Good People, Good Medicine, Good Advice"

1134 Washington st.
Tell City, IN 47586

Business Hours
Monday-Friday: 8 am-6 pm
Saturday: 9 am-5 pm
Sunday: Closed

Delivery Hours
3:30 pm-5:00 pm Mon-Sat


**Come in and try our
creamy homemade fudge!**

Fudge Factory
We make fudge homemade on location here at Werner Drug Store.  We have a drawing every month to win a free pound of fudge.  Just come in and sign up!  We have so many flavors available and we're always coming up with new flavors! 

Our fudge is available for purchase at $8.99/lb.  We also offer sucrose free fudge at $9.99/lb.  Come in and buy a little or a lot!  We also take special orders for holidays or special events.  Please give us a call to place orders in advance.  We have so many flavors to list, but even better we will list pictures of the many flavors we have had in the store and are able to offer.  If you have any requests, just let us know!

Don't forget about our monthly fudge drawing!  Come in and drop your name and number in the drawing and you may be the next winner for a free pound of fudge!  


"Classic Peanut Butter"
(no explanation needed)

"Pumpkin Nut"
(Pumpkin Pie fudge with pecans mixed in)

"Chocolate Peanut Butter Explosion"
(Chocolate fudge swirled with peanut butter fudge and pecans)

(Banana fudge covered in Chocolate)

"Heath Bar"
(Vanilla fudge swirled with Toffee flavor and Heath Candy)

"Tiger Butter"
(Vanilla fudge swirled w/ peanut butter, drizzled w/ Chocolate)

"Pumpkin Pie"
(Pumpkin flavored fudge)

"Candy Cane"
(Vanilla fudge with candy cane bits mixed in)

(Vanilla fudge with Christmas M&M's)

"Sugar Cookie"
(Sugar Cookie with sprinkles)

"Royal Raspberry"
(Raspberry White Chocolate Fudge with caramel swirl)

"Chocolate Caramel Cashew"
(Chocolate fudge swirled with Caramel and Cashews)

"Blackberry Cheesecake"
(Cheesecake fudge swirled with blackberry flavor)

(Vanilla fudge topped with butterfinger candy)

(Butterscotch fudge with butterscotch chips)

"Lemon Cheesecake"
(Cheesecake fudge with lemon flavor swirled in)

"Salted Nut Roll"
(Vanilla fudge with a layer of caramel topped with salted nuts)

"Strawberry Sundae"
(Fudge flavored with real frozen strawberries)

"Turtles Gone Wild"
(Choc. fudge, caramel, choc. chips, peanut butter, & pecans)

"Dark Chocolate with caramel and sea salt"
(no explanation needed)

(no explanation needed)

"Vanilla Pecan"
(no explanation needed)

"Classic Chocolate"
(no explanation needed)

"Coconut Bon Bon"
(A Layer of Dark Chocolate Fudge topped with coconut fudge)

"Chocolate Pecan"
(no explanation needed)

(Vanilla Fudge swirled with Orange Fudge)

"Dark Chocolate w/Sea Salt)
(no explanation needed)

"Dulce De Leche"
(Caramel Fudge swirled with caramel)

"Hazelnut Swirl"
(Dark Chocolate Fudge swirled with Hazelnut Fudge)

"Rocky Road"
(Chocolate Fudge swirled with marshmallow creme & pecans)

(Cabernet fudge layered with orange and lemon)

"Caramel Cookie Crunch"
(Chocolate fudge with Twix candy bars™)

Chocolate Galaxy
(Chocolate fudge with Milky Way candy bars™)